ForWebAppGameTesting Cloud Platform

Provides an cloud-based environment for mobile web, app, and game testing. You can start testing immediately with a cloud service, without any complicated setup or mobile device purchases.


Test without testing environment constraints

Test on real Android and iOS devices using the test environment provided by Dogu to test on any device type.


Additional features for your testing needs

Shared session with teammates

Share device sessions with your teammates while you test. Easily communicate and share tests with your teammates.

Live profile and logs

Measure the performance of your app or game with profile data like real-time device CPU and memory usage and get hints for performance improvements.

Location simulator

Run location-based tests while simulating GPS information. You don't have to move your device for testing.

UI inspector

UI Inspector helps you view UI elements of apps, games, and automate tests in real-time on your device.

Live testing features

Strong security

As soon as the test is over, Dogu wipe all installed apps, users, and account data to protect your valuable data.


Start testing quickly and easily

Use a variety of cloud devices to run tests





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